Kid and Pet Friendly Pest Control

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Many people are concerned about the safety of their children or pets when they employ a pest control company to exterminate or perform pest prevention treatments. At Blue Sky Pest Control, all of our services are pet and family friendly and environmentally safe. Here’s what you need to know about environmentally friendly pest control.

In Phoenix, extermination and pest control prevention services are a fact of life. Homeowners in Arizona need to think about prevention and treatment for common dessert pests including scorpions, termites and earwigs. However, with pest control, many homeowners are concerned about the impact of the chemicals used to treat pests on their kids, pets and the environment. You shouldn’t have to live with harmful chemicals just to keep pests at bay. Safer alternatives that are more effective for pest treatment and preventative pest control are available.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Application

At Blue Sky Pest, we treat areas where pests frequent and nest, reducing and controlling the pest population in and around our home. By treating pests at the source, we minimize the amount of pest solution around your home, while also effectively and quickly knocking down pest populations and controlling their ability to re-establish themselves around your home.

Our custom and personalized pest treatment plan is specifically developed to treat the pests around and in your home. In other words, a one-size fits all approach to pest control is not an environmentally effective and family and pet safe solution. With a customized plan, we target pests where they nest to control the population, as well as at common entry points into your home to protect your home from pest invasions.

Our treatment plan also can include an analysis of your home and suggestions for making your home less likely to be inhabited by pests. For example, we might recommend replacing old weather stripping on a door in order to seal your door off from pest entry.

Green Pest Control Solutions

There are several ways to employ environmentally friendly and family and pet safe pest control and pest prevention. One option is a natural or USDA organically certified product line. These products offer a unique, synergistic blend of essential oils that effectively control pest populations. Blue Sky Pest offers Natural and Organic pest control solutions for families concerned not just about family and pet safety, but also concerned about environmental impact. In fact, while a natural or organic pest control solution treatment might cost more upfront, the properties of such a treatment actually last longer, which might result in long term savings.

Alternatives to Pest Control Sprays and Treatments

Once your home and surrounding area have been treated with an all-natural organic solution for pest control, encouraging natural predators is another option for prevention of pest population growth in Phoenix. For example, birds and bats regularly feed on insects. As a result, if the area surrounding your home is hospitable to these predators, you may notice a decrease in the number of pests you see throughout the year.

Strongly scented plants, including many herbs, are natural pest repellants, making your garden a great solution for preventative pest control year round. Another chemical free solution for environmentally friendly pest control is a heat treatment, which raises temperatures within a sealed off rom to kill most pest populations.

Another option when considering green pest control is to not treat the pests. A good example of when this might be a reasonable decision is in the case of bees. Bees and beehives are great for flowers and the environment, so removing a hive might not be something you choose if environmentally friendly pest control is of concern to you. In the case of bees, you must decide if the benefits to the environment outweigh the cons. For example, if someone in your family is allergic to bees, the benefits for removing a hive outweigh the benefits for keeping it. It is important to note that this is not an advisable solution for many Phoenix pests including termites, scorpions and bed bugs.

Keep Your Family’s Safety when Controlling Pests

The best thing you can do for environmentally and family friendly preventative pest control in Arizona is call a reputable pest control company and ask them about the solutions they use. At Blue Sky Pest, all of our pest treatments are environmentally friendly and safe for kids and pets to be around. Furthermore, because we customize our treatment plan to each homes individual needs, we are able to minimize the chemicals needed and treat pests at their source, rather than spraying your entire home and the surrounding area for pests. If you’re considering your options for green pest control, give us a call to learn more about your options.

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