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Founded in 1878, with a population of 300,000 Mesa has grown to the third largest city in Arizona, with over 500,000 residents. Encompassing 133 square miles, Mesa has a diverse landscape. From the mature vegetation in historic neighborhoods to the raw desert in east Mesa, the diversities create unique pest environments.

Using a scientific approach, our professional exterminators will tailor a custom pest solution for your home. After a detailed inspection, we use multiple control methods to help keep your Mesa home pest free. Control methods include harborage modification, exclusion, physical controls (traps) and the judicious use of materials. Our thorough pest control approach has proven results, allowing us to offer a full guarantee.

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Common Mesa Pests

Scorpion Control in Mesa

Scorpion Control in Mesa

Mesa is built upon the scorpions' natural habitat. In Mesa, the Arizona Bark Scorpion is the most common type and happens to be the only medically significant scorpion in the US. While scorpions can be found anywhere in Mesa, there are certain areas more prone to increased activity. North Mesa homes built on citrus groves, North East Mesa homes built close to natural desert preserves, and East Mesa homes built on virgin desert, are all ideal natural environments where scorpions thrive.

Regardless of where you live in the Valley, scorpions are resilient. Blue Sky has become the go-to exterminator for Mesa scorpion control because our technicians are highly trained to identify harborage areas, they customize a plan after careful inspection, then use products designed to treat our Arizona scorpions.

Rodent Control in Mesa

Rodent Control in Mesa

With its diverse landscape, Mesa has environments conducive to rodents. Two trends we see regarding Mesa rodents are homes close to the desert edge have increased pack rat activity while homes with mature landscaping, including citrus, see more roof rat activity.

Rodent control requires a multi-faceted approach. Blue Sky partners with you, the homeowner, for maximum results. In general, the partnership looks something like this...

  • Properly identify the type of rodent and develops a remediation plan
  • Strategically place and monitor bait and trap stations
  • Diagnose entry points and offer suggestions for exclusion efforts (door trim, screen vents, etc)
  • Identifiy conducive conditions and offer suggestions for habitat modification (keep trash area clean, remove clutter from house and yard, keep trees trimmed and away from home, remove food and water sources, etc)

Working together, rodent issues are remedied in the quickest way possible.

Termite Control in Mesa

Termite Control in Mesa

Termites are prevalent in the Phoenix metro area, and Mesa is no exception. Mesa homes are built on soil prime for the most common termite in Arizona, the desert subterranean termite. Virgin desert and citrus groves are soils where termites flourish.

Your home is your most valuable asset, so protecting it from termites is paramount. After a thorough inspection, our licensed termite inspectors will determine the size of the infestation and recommend a remediation plan. Regardless of infestation size, our termite specific technicians will treat your home with best in market product (Termidor HC for subterranean termites). The winning combination of our expertise and industry leading products will keep your Mesa home termite free.


More information on pests common to the Phoenix metro area.

Preventive Pest Control in Mesa

So, what can you do as a Mesa homeowner to prevent pests? Plenty. Keeping your home tidy goes a long way in terms of preventative pest control. Here are a few basics that provide a great foundation in keeping your home free of pests:

  • Get rid of food and water sources. Leaking plumbing, standing water, and unused pools make it easy for pests to sustain life. Similarly, garbage bins not sealed correctly, dirty dishes, food on the floor, unsealed food in the pantry, and pet foods left out can all be attractants to pests.
  • Properly seal your house. Make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed. Pipes and pluming entering the house should also be sealed. Vents and exhausts can be covered with wired mesh. These exclusion efforts further deter pests from entering your home.
  • Get rid of clutter. Leaf piles, piles of dead grass, stacked cardboard, and stacked wood all create a desirable environment for pests. Keep things tidy, and you get rid of potential habitats for pests.

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You deserve a pest free environment; we are here to help. We have the experience and expertise to keep your Mesa home free from pests. From our exceptional technicians to incredibly kind customer service reps, there is a reason we've been voted the #1 pest control company for three years in a row per by Ranking Arizona. Call Blue Sky Pest Control today and let us resolve your pest problems.

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