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Our technicians are highly trained and provide the necessary time to service each account appropriately.

We work hard to hire only those who find fulfillment in doing a job right the first time. At Blue Sky, we have found that when technicians are given enough time to do their jobs and are rewarded for high quality work, they will put more effort into providing the premium service we expect.

We provide a customized, thorough inspection and application of our pest control products.

We train each technician to customize the pest control service to each home, using inspection and control techniques to target various common pests. Our technicians will apply products to areas in which pests nest and breed to reduce and control the population in and around your home. When it comes to pest control in Phoenix, our training and technicians make the difference in delivering top service.

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What to Expect From Blue Sky

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We base our service upon an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

Controlling pests includes more than simply treating the pest. Effective control also comes from reducing common nesting areas around a home and sealing cracks to reduce entry points. Our free report, 9 Tips that Will Help Keep Bugs out of Your Home, provides some practical ideas to reduce entry points. Blue Sky Pest Control takes these measures and more a step further with our comprehensive Integrated Pest Management solution that is customized to your home and provides a realistic time frame in which to achieve acceptable long-term control.

Our products are formulated for the unique needs of Pest Control in Phoenix and strong enough to get rid of pests, but also people friendly, pet friendly and environment friendly.

Product labels allow for varying mixing levels to control a variety of common pests. All of our products are mixed at the proper, EPA-approved levels and are applied correctly per the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure pet and human safety, while still achieving maximum effectiveness in reducing pest populations. We also offer offer green organic pest control treatment plans.

All Blue Sky services are fully guaranteed.

If you are still seeing an occasional live pest scurrying around the house in between regularly scheduled services, call us. We’ll come back and provide additional interior or exterior service—free of charge.

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*In addition to the pests above, we also cover Beetles, Fleas, Pantry Pests, Pillbugs and Sowbugs, Springtails, Ticks, and Wasps.


Additional charges apply.

Pest Control Services Include:

Service FeaturesBlue Sky Premium ServiceCompetitor’s Services
Sharp, clean-cut, drug-tested and background checked service technicians
Full perimeter of block wall treated on every regular service
Truck-mounted power sprayer that penetrates down to where the bugs nest and breed
Power treated foundation that creates a barrier designed to keep pests out of your home
Targeted treatments for Earwigs, Cockroaches, and Ants provided at no additional charge
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Trusted Pest Control Services

Blue Sky Pest Control has become a preferred and well respected service provider in Phoenix, Arizona, because we provide thorough and guaranteed pest control services performed by service technicians that take the time to do the job right the first time. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions combine proven pest control strategies with customized recommendations to help make your home or property more pest-proof and to help you achieve long-term home and commercial pest control.

How do we do that? The following information provides some specifics on our approach to customer service and our progressive approach to pest control.

Our Commitment

Blue Sky Pest Control works hard to attract the type of person who finds fulfillment in doing the job right the first time. We make sure to craft service routes that give our service technicians enough time to provide thorough, customized service on every call, and we reward our team based on achieving certain quality standards.

Blue Sky Pest Control trains each of its service technicians to customize the pest control service to your home using inspection and control techniques that target various pests at their source. In addition, each of our service technicians has a detailed background check performed and is drug tested to make sure you can feel comfortable about who is coming to your home. When you call Blue Sky, you can count on a well-trained, professional technician to provide the premium service you expect.

Our Pest-Control Practices

Blue Sky Pest Control knows that applying products in areas where pests nest and breed reduces and controls the pest population in and around your home, and our technicians are trained to know where to look to locate the source of any type of pest. Blue Sky service technicians also take the time to understand your property’s specific needs and develop a customized treatment and prevention plan for your home or commercial building.

All Blue Sky products are people, pet and environment friendly. Product labels allow for varying mixing levels to control a wide range of common Arizona pests. Blue Sky mixes all products at the proper EPA-approved levels to achieve the best pest control results.

Our Guarantee

Bue Sky Pest Control is committed to keeping our clients happy and their homes pest-free. We back all of our service plans with a simple guarantee: if you are unsatisfied after one of our scheduled service visits, we will come back and re-service your home at no cost to you. We’ll even provide additional interior or external treatments if you’ve noticed occasional pests around your home even after a visit from us—again, completely free of charge.

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$50 Off Initial Service!
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