Green & Organic Pest Control

To better serve our customers, we offer green and organic pest control in Phoenix and the surrounding area tailored to each client’s unique needs — whether you prefer natural products at your home or need to comply with food service regulations required for organic food facilities, we have organic pest control services that will work for you. At Blue Sky Pest Control, we serve all of the Phoenix area including Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert. We’ll give you a free estimate and $50 off your first service!

  • What’s a “natural” or “organic” pest control product?

The terms “green,” “organic,” and “natural” have no official definitions. This means that any company can use these words however they choose—and without any regulations to adhere to.

Example: Pyrethrin (pronounced “py-REE-thrin”) is a natural organic compound derived from Chrysanthemums, a family of flowering plants. This compound contains insecticidal properties that are very effective against a variety of pests. Synthetic pyrethroids—meaning they are manmade—are also effective pest control products. Since synthetic pyrethroids work just like pyrethrin (and are based upon the naturally-derived compound itself), some companies will classify these synthetic pyrethroids as “green” and include them in their green services.

But when Blue Sky Pest Control says a product is “natural,” we mean it literally. All of the products we use in our Natural Choice programs are actually naturally derived and do not have any synthetic properties.

  • What kind of natural products does Blue Sky Pest Control use?

Our green pest control products are derived from essential oils, such as peppermint, rosemary, and the aforementioned pyrethrin; borate, a mineral; and diatoms, which are salt- or freshwater algae. We evaluate your pest problem and use the product best suited for it. We also use separate equipment in Natural Choice programs to avoid mixing products.

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  • Does a green pest control service only refer to the products? What else do you do?

Applying a product to a home or building is only one piece of the pest control puzzle. We follow a strict IPM (integrated pest management) approach that outlines five key steps and four levels of control, the last of which is the use of product. Before we apply products, we are inspecting a home and determining other control measures to recommend or implement that will greatly help in gaining and keeping control. For example, making sure that harborage areas around the home are eliminated (i.e. overgrown vegetation and leaf litter). We also look for ways to deny access to the home by inspecting weather stripping around doorways. Blue Sky implements a comprehensive scientific approach to pest control.

Am I able to use a green-only service for the inside of my home and conventional service on the outside?

Natural Choice services include treatment for the entire inside and outside of a home, but we can customize your plan if you have particularly stubborn pests. We’ll work with you to create a plan that uses both our green and traditional approaches.

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We’ve provided exceptional pest control services in Phoenix and throughout the surrounding area for over 15 years. You don’t have to take our word for it, though! Just take a look at our client testimonials, our BB accreditation, and the awards we’ve received for our outstanding organic pest control Phoenix services.
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