Top 5 Areas You Should Clean Up To Avoid Silverfish Infestations

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In order to avoid silverfish infestation in your home there are certain areas of the house that you can clean up to help make sure that the pesky critters don’t find the food source that they require to maintain residency.  An Arizona pest control company such as Blue Sky will also be able to help you, but you will have to do your part as well.


1. Keep your bathroom clean and dry. Silverfish are attracted to moisture making the bathroom a great place for them to thrive. By cleaning the bathroom after use and drying the floor, tub or shower, you will be able to help prevent them from making your bathroom a breeding area.


2. Keep your kitchen clean. Once you’ve opened food cartons, place the unused portions in airtight plastic containers so that you aren’t supplying a means of survival for the silverfish.


3. Fix any plumbing leaks, as the moisture from leaks will attract silverfish. Fixing any of your plumbing problems will help to keep the areas under your sinks dry.


4. Seal any holes in the walls of your home, especially on walls that are covered in wall paper. Silverfish feed on the glue that holds the wallpaper to the wall. Sealing those holes will eliminate their food source.


5. If you have many books on shelves, make sure that you place dried lavender around the books. Silverfish do not like the odor of dried lavender and will not want to go anywhere around it.

If you still end up with a silverfish infestation, contact Blue Sky Pest Control for silverfish control services.