Best Practices To Keep Your Arizona Home Protected From Termites

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If you’re a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, you know termites can cause major issues. These silent pests feed on wood, but can also damage cardboard paper, books, and insulation. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t aware of termites’ presence until much damage has been done. To help you avoid termite damage to your home, read our top tips for protecting your home from these harmful pests.    

Remove Wood, Mulch, and Cardboard 

Termites thrive on eating lumber, wood, mulch, paper, and cardboard. To discourage termites from entering your home, keep these materials as far away from your home’s foundation as possible.  

Move Plants 

Moving plants at least 2 feet from exterior walls will help prevent termites from moving into your home. While you’re at it, prune back trees and shrubs from the exterior and foundation of your home so termites can’t use the branches to enter your home. 

Eliminate Excess Moisture 

Termites will follow moisture or water into your house, so make sure to shore up any leaks or excess moisture. Inside, inspect your home for leaky faucets and repair water-damaged walls, ceilings, and floors. Outside, check your roof for any leaks or small holes. Turn sprinkler heads away from your home, and make sure drains flow away from exterior walls. 

Perform Regular Inspections 

Termites are active year round and peak termite season for Arizona is January through April and August to November. At the start of each season, check the interior and exterior of your home for signs of termites. Look for small, light brown termite tubes along the foundation of your house, on walls, or descending from the ceiling. Remember to look in closets, the corners of rooms, and your garage. If you find signs of termite activity, call an expert right away! 

Expert Termite Treatment 

At Blue Sky Pest Control, we’re well-versed in eradicating termites from Phoenix residences. When you call us, we’ll: 

  • Perform a thorough investigation: a licensed termite inspector will determine the scope and severity of your infestation and give treatment recommendations.  
  • Conduct a customized treatment: Treatments usually involve your pest control technician will dig a shallow trench around your home and fill it with Termidor, a non-repellant product. Termidor is undetectable by termites, so as they go about their work they’ll walk through this product and eventually transfer it back to the rest of the termites, eliminating the colony.  After the treatment is complete, your technician will carefully backfill the trench and replace any ground coverings you had in place. Afterwards, there will be virtually no visible evidence left behind, but the protective barrier will continue to be effective for up to several years.
  • Give you a quality guarantee: With few exceptions, all of our termite treatments come with a treatment warranty. If you see evidence of new termite activity during the warranty period, we’ll come back and provide additional treatment at no cost. In the event you need to sell your home, the warranty is fully transferable, too. 

If you’ve found evidence of termites or want to protect your home from future infestations, contact Blue Sky Pest Control.  

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