Scorpion Snacks

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The Arizona bark scorpion is a year-round pest in Arizona, and they are the most venomous scorpion in North America. In the fall and winter, once cooler temperatures arrive, they often seek relief from the weather inside homes. That’s why our scorpion treatments are so thorough – it’s important that we treat the full perimeter of your home, during which time our technicians target scorpions where they nest and breed.

But what if scorpions weren’t just a dangerous pest? In fact, in many countries, scorpions are treated as a delicious delicacy. Here are some of the most interesting scorpion preparations we could find:


In some restaurants in China, scorpions are a popular item on the menu, and diners can be seen enjoying scorpions along with a cup of tea. Though scorpions are poisonous, the venom is neutralized during the high heat required for stir frying, or by soaking live scorpions in rice vinegar. Some people describe the taste of raw scorpions as similar to raw shrimp.

Fried and seasoned scorpion kebabs are a popular street food, and some people believe scorpions are good for eating in the winter months – they make your blood hotter in cold weather.

In the Wild

Some people have been forced to eat scorpions for survival in the wild. You can trap scorpions in a smooth, open-topped container positioned near their nesting holes. Survivalists recommend that you skewer the scorpions on a stick, discard their venomous tails, and roast them over an open flame until they are blackened.

Scorpion Candy

Got a sweet tooth? There’s probably a scorpion treat out there for you! Many candy companies offer gourmet lollipops and hard candies with small, edible scorpions embedded inside. You can even find chocolate-covered scorpions for sale at some gourmet shops and county fair stands.


Vendors on Khao San Road, a popular Thai street food market, and in other food markets in Thailand, sell bags of freshly fried insects in the evening. They’re a popular tourist dare, but locals like to pair them with a cold beer.  Scorpions tend to be a little more difficult to eat than other bug snacks available, like crickets, giant water bugs, ants and bamboo locusts, due to their hard shells.


In addition to the usual fried, grilled or roasted scorpion fare, a small community in Thailand also offers snake and scorpion rice wine. Whole cobras and huge scorpions are submerged in the wine, and after months of fermenting, their venom has been inactivated. This unique brew is considered healthy and is said to ease back pain, arthritis, and lumbago – as well as being a powerful aphrodisiac.

While you might not be chowing down on any of these delicacies in the near future, you may still see some scorpions in your home. That’s when you should give us a call – we’ll make sure they leave you and your family in peace – and maybe we’ll throw a few on the grill while we’re at it. We serve the entire Phoenix area and that includes Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Mesa.

Photo credit: ConstantineD via photopin cc