How to Keep Your Attic and Basement Bug Free

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You’ve finally decided to make your way to the attic. Your daughter no longer has a need for the books that enchanted her just a few years ago, and her bedroom is running out of space with her new teenage things. You push the dusty door open to hear what seems like a thousand creepy crawlies running all over, having taken up residence among your things.

Of course, nobody wants their house infested with bugs. Spaces like attics and basements are low-traffic areas, which often store items these bugs like to eat or nest in; these areas are perfect places to call home for them. All kinds of bugs and rodents can end up in your attic including rats, scorpions, and wasps.

It is therefore important to first prevent the bugs from infiltrating your home or finding it comfortable, by storing your household belongings properly. Follow these storage tips to keep your attic or basement bug free:

  • Eliminate moisture: Eliminating moisture in your attic or basement is paramount in keeping these areas free from bugs such as silverfish, cockroaches or mosquitoes. Many pests use water for both breeding and sustenance, and will quickly multiply if there is moisture in the area. You can reduce moisture simply by sealing or fixing leaking pipes, or installing a dehumidifier.
  • Reduce entry points: Sealing gaps can help to reduce pest infestation. Oftentimes, broken windows or cracks may be the entry that bugs need to enter your home. Even small gaps in your windows or doors may allow these pests a way in. Holes made from installing utilities or plumbing are also especially vulnerable. Ensure that you seal all cracks or weak areas with caulk or similar material to keep bugs out.
  • Protect vulnerable items: Items stored in your basement or attic such as wooden furniture, cardboard boxes and books may actually become a food source and habitat for some insects. Consider storing these items in plastic containers or covering them with plastic to stop insects from getting to them.
  • Keep rugs/carpets clean: If you have a rug or carpet in your basement or attic, it’s important to keep these clean. Regularly vacuum these areas and consider properly steaming the carpets or having a commercial cleaning company service the rooms. This will remove any insects living inside, while making it more difficult for them to breed and live there in the future.
  • Regular checks and maintenance: Don’t leave your items in your attic or basement and just forget about them! You should check your items regularly to ensure that there is no damage or infestation. Schedule a regular check of your basement or attic to catch any damage before an infestation gets out of control.
  • Plan your space: By planning out how you will utilize your basement or attic for storage, you can reduce the risk of pest infestation. For example, by putting books and documents in one particular location instead of spreading them around, you will make any infestation easier to control due to it being in a smaller area. You can also save space, providing ventilation and reducing breeding areas.

If you’re storing items in an attic or basement, these spots may become vulnerable to bug infestation and ultimately put your items and your health at risk. However, by following these steps and practicing proper storage etiquette, you can keep your basement and attic free from insects and other pests.

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