Common Spiders in Arizona – Black Widow, Brown Recluse, & More

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What are some of the most common spiders in Arizona, and what are their levels of danger to humans? This guide can help you identify the spiders in your home and determine if treatment, and what type of treatment, is needed.

Arizona’s dry climate and high temperatures make it a desirable home for many different types of spider species. The most common spiders of concern in Arizona are:

  • Black Widows
  • Desert Recluse
  • Tarantulas
  • Wolf Spiders

Black Widows

The Arizona climate is an ideal climate for black widow spiders. Also, homes within the Phoenix area provide shelter and food that black widows thrive on, making them a prevalent and dangerous pest in our area. Black Widows are commonly found in low to the ground places, including home foundations, corners, plant bases, and perimeter block walls. Black Widows are also sometimes found in children’s sandboxes and play equipment, or woodpiles and shrubs. A Black Widow reproduces in the summer months, producing up to 9 egg sacks each containing up to 400 spiderlings.

Black Widows are not inherently aggressive spiders. However, because they actively hide in dark, low to the ground places, Black Widows are frequently undetected until a bite occurs, usually by an unaware person who steps into a nesting area. Female Black Widows are the spiders with the venomous bite. The initial bite may be painful, but as the venom spreads through the human body, it can cause extreme pain. Generally, the Black Widow’s venom is not fatal for most people, thought the very young, elderly, or those with compromised immune systems may be at serious risk. It is important for anyone that suspects they’ve been bitten by a black widow to seek immediate medical attention, regardless of age or medical history.

Because they can be very dangerous, if you discover or suspect that Black Widows are nesting in or around your home, it is important to call a reputable exterminator right away.

Desert Recluse Spiders

Desert Recluse Spiders are another common Arizona spider species. Desert Recluses are generally smaller than an inch and light to medium brown in color. Desert recluse spiders lay several egg sacs every summer and produce up to 50 eggs per sac. Desert Recluse Spiders are extremely resilient and suited to desert living as they can tolerate up to six months of drought. Like the Black Widow, the Desert Recluse tries to avoid conflict and usually flees.

Desert Recluse Spiders favor dry and undisturbed spaces to build their webs, including woodpiles, closets and garages. They can sometimes be found in cardboard and other dark, warm spaces inside homes.

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Though there bites are venomous, Desert Recluse Spider bites are rare, and are generally reported from events such as putting on clothing that hasn’t been worn recently. However, the bite of a recluse spider is dangerous and potentially tissue-destroying. If you suspect you have been bitten by a Desert Recluse, it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

Because of their dangerous bite, spider control is important if you suspect you have Desert Recluse Spiders in or around your home. A reputable exterminator can treat your home and advise you on the best preventative measures.


Tarantulas are large, hairy spiders that favor desert environments and can be found in Arizona. Though they do bite when provoked, their venom is virtually harmless to humans. In fact, the bite of a Tarantula is often compared to a bee or wasp sting.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders are common in Arizona and are threatening in appearance, but are harmless to people. They may bite when disturbed, but their bite is not venomous. Wolf Spiders feed on other invertebrates and unlike many other spiders, they hunt their prey rather than building webs.

Wolf Spiders look alarming, but are actually beneficial spiders in Arizona for pest control. Wolf Spiders feed off of insects and pests, including cockroaches.

Arizona Spider Control

If you’re concerned about spider populations around your home, call a reputable Arizona exterminator to help you determine the best treatment from your home. While many spiders are harmless, Arizona is home to some potentially deadly spiders. At Blue Sky Pest Control, our regular treatments target spiders where they hide and nest to effectively eliminate spiders at their source in and around your home. A Blue Sky service technician also inspects your home during regular spider control treatment, knocking down spider webs to aid in the control of spiders around your home.

At Blue Sky, our goal is to keep unwanted pests out of your home. If you are seeing more than an occasional spider within your home between regular service visits, we will provide additional exterior or interior treatments or will re-service your home free of charge. Learn more about our pest control services here. We serve homes and businesses throughout the area including Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa, and more!

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