Commercial Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

A Scientific Approach to Commercial Pest Control in Phoenix

Business properties have various commercial pest control needs in Phoenix. Some must adhere to pest-related regulations specific to the industry, such as food processing plants, schools, and medical facilities. Without the correct implementation of pest control and prevention programs, a commercial property could fail an audit, experience a devastating infestation, and ultimately lose time and money.

Blue Sky Pest Control offers comprehensive commercial pest control services in Arizona for many industries. All technicians are certified in Good Manufacturing Practices, proving our commitment to excellence and breadth of knowledge. Our Blue Sky pest management programs allow your commercial property to:

  • Access services for all pest control needs with one service provider;
  • Certify as an USDA-compliant organic food processing facility;
  • Earn LEED certification or recertification, following reporting requirements and service protocols provided by the USGBC;
  • Use a green approach to pest management with Green Shield Certified Service; and
  • Comply with third-party auditors, such as SQF, AIB, Silliker, and NSF.

Solve and prevent commercial pest problems through Blue Sky’s scientific approach to pest management. Blue Sky Pest Control’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods combine physical, biological, cultural and product-based control protocols that work together to prevent and control unwanted pests.

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Our Commercial Pest Control IPM Method

We employ strict protocol in our integrated pest management programs, all of which follow five key steps:

  1. Inspection and Identification, in which we thoroughly inspect a property to detect pest activity, possible points of entry and pest-conducive conditions.
  2. Findings and Recommendations, in which our technicians document the inspection results and recommend a course of action.
  3. Client Communication, in which we discuss the written report in detail.
  4. Implementation, in which we follow the 4 Levels of Control.
  5. Documentation and Follow-Up, in which we maintain a report to address ongoing conditions.

We utilize advanced technology that allows us to document with an accurate timestamp to ensure compliance with the scope of service. Our solutions include detailed reporting and recommendations that better communicate what is happening at your property in real time. Learn more about our science-based IPM process.

Pest control needs vary by industry, location, and the existence of any current infestations. An experienced Blue Sky Pest Control team member will discuss your facility’s needs, followed by a thorough inspection of your property. Using this information, we can design and implement a customized solution that meets your requirements.

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Our Commercial IPM Programs

Although each pest management program is tailored to your property, we have a suite of standardized service offerings available to our commercial clients:

Basis Pest Management Program provides a strong base service that covers many common Arizona pests. This program is suitable for many industries needing service monthly, biweekly and weekly.

Basis Plus Pest Management Program includes all pests covered under the Basis Pest Management Program, plus rodent control.

Business Protect Pest Management Program is suitable for commercial clients who wish to receive service quarterly or every other month.

Audit Prepared Pest Management Program is designed for companies that are third-party audited.

Medical Pest Management Program is specifically designed for hospitals and other facilities that have zero tolerance areas and/or highly sensitive areas that need to be inspected and appropriately treated.

Food Service Pest Management Program is specifically designed for restaurants, cafeterias, and other facilities where food is prepared and served.

Blue Sky Pest Control provides a comprehensive service offering, demonstrating to you that we have the knowledge and experience to address your specific needs. Some of these programs and services are:

  • Bee Monitoring and Control Program
  • Gopher Monitoring and Control Program
  • Large Fly Control Program
  • Small Fly Control Program
  • Mosquito Control Program
  • Proactive Bird Management Programs for both nuisance birds and endangered species
  • Scorpion Control Program
  • Stored Product Pest Management Program

What Our Clients Say

“Blue Sky Pest Control has been a valuable partner in helping maintain our high food safety standards. As compliance demands increase from regulatory agencies and 3rd party audits (currently NSF and OCIA), Blue Sky has been able to meet our ever-changing pest control needs. Recently, we desired to become an USDA organic certified facility. Blue Sky was able to adapt our program to meet the new compliance requirements, helping us obtain our certification.”

“In addition to helping ensure compliance, Blue Sky’s detailed analytic reports have helped us monitor activity and proactively address issues before they become a real problem. As we’ve grown, so to have our pest control needs. Blue Sky Pest Control has been an invaluable partner in our food safety success.”

—Lehi Valley Trading Company, a food processing facility specializing in snack food

Why Choose Blue Sky for Commercial Pest Control in Phoenix?

We’ve provided exceptional pest control services in Phoenix and throughout the surrounding area for over 15 years. You don’t have to take our word for it, though! Just take a look at our client testimonials, our BB accreditation, and the awards we’ve received for our outstanding pest control services.
Learn why Blue Sky is the choice of commercial properties in Arizona:

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