Blue Sky Pest Control is here to help. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer care, and one of the many ways we help is by providing information about common insects and educating our customers about household pests. That’s why we put together a list of informative articles that discuss a variety of insects as well as their behaviors, environments and preventative treatments.

Here you’ll find several articles that we compiled to help our customers learn how to identify black widow spiders, find out why ants are so (frustratingly) industrious, and realize that crickets aren’t simply annoying – they can actually cause damage. We also have useful articles that discuss ways to reduce the risk of scorpion stings and educate customers about earwig habitats. These resources are here to help – just like everyone here at Blue Sky Pest Control.


Ants – The Biggest Builder in Town

Follow the Webs – Identifying Black Widow Spiders

Reducing Scorpion Risk

Not Just a Nuisance – Cricket Control

Earwigs – AKA the Pincher Bug