What is Termidor?

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Termidor is a type of pest control treatment manufactured by BASF Pest Control Solutions that primarily targets termites, including all the subterranean species of termites found in Arizona—subterranean termites, though it is also effective against ant infestations.

Termidor is a liquid treatment used to kill termites as they enter a perimeter around the home or business, as opposed to the less common baiting treatments for termites. The liquid treatment is applied in careful locations to the soil around the outside of the home, directly in the path of the termites. Because this is a non-repellent termite treatment, meaning that it does not drive the termites away, they simply walk through and eat the treated material. The liquid will not only kill those that have ingested it but can be carried by one termite to another and spread throughout the colony; this is referred to as the Termidor “Transfer Effect.”

The thought of thousands of termites crawling around inside your walls, chewing through wood, and wreaking havoc on your home can send anyone into a panic. Instead of razing your home to the ground to get rid of these unfortunately common pests—some claim termites damage approximately 600,000 homes a year—many homeowners and pest control experts turn to Termidor as the main tool used to eradicate termites entering the home.

“The liquid will not only kill the termites that have ingested it, but can be carried by one termite to another and spread throughout the colony…”

What to Expect from a Termidor Treatment

Termidor should not be applied by the homeowner, and only a licensed pest control technician should treat termites with Termidor to ensure maximum effectiveness and safest handling. During the application process, which typically takes just one day, the pest control technicians will employ a technique called “trenching,” or “trenching and rodding,” in which they dig small trenches around the foundation of the home. If there are concrete or other hard materials next to the foundation, the technicians may drill small holes into the structure to ensure that the Termidor reaches all infested areas. Extensive infestation may require that the technicians treat areas within the home.

Is Termidor safe to use?

Termidor is odorless and water-based, and it will not leach through soil or cause harm to plants near the treatment areas. It has been used safely in millions of homes, including those with children and pets; in fact, one of the main active ingredients in Termidor is also an ingredient in Frontline, one of the leading flea and tick control products for dogs and cats.

With regular checkups, a Termidor treatment will keep termites at bay as long as it the “Termidor Zone” is active.

Other Treatments for Termites

There are many different types of treatments for termites, including repellent liquid treatments, non-repellent liquid treatments, and baiting treatments. Liquid treatments are generally the same: the pest control technicians apply a solution to the soil and foundation of the home. Termidor differs from many other liquid non-repellent termite treatments because of the unique “Transfer Effect” feature. Termites are social insects and once a termite comes into contact with Termidor it “transfers” the product to other termites as they work to sustain the colony. This transfer ultimately gets to the termite queen(s), when then eliminates the queen(s) and the colony. With baiting treatments, stations are installed around the home with a cellulose material and active ingredients. This treatment requires that the termites find the stations and ingest the material.

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