Blue Sky Pest Control offers residential mosquito control in Phoenix and the Phoenix metro valley area. Arizona is home to several types of mosquitos, including both daytime and nighttime feeders. While particularly active from February through November, mosquitoes can be found year-round in Arizona. We can help get rid of the vast majority of mosquitoes near your home or business in the Phoenix area. We have locations in Phoenix and Gilbert while serving the entire metro area including Mesa and Scottsdale.

Known for their itchy bite, mosquitos are a public health concern known to spread disease. West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis, and Zika Virus have all been carried and transmitted by mosquitos in Arizona. Proactively treating for mosquitos can help reduce the risk of infection.

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The root cause of mosquitos is standing water. Breeding year-round in Arizona, mosquitos can breed in the smallest amount of standing water. Dripping outdoor faucets, birdbaths, backyard ponds, and neglected pools all provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.

Mosquito Control Treatment

Blue Sky uses a scientific approach to mosquito management. Our service technicians inspect and treat areas where mosquitos rest and breed. Eaves of homes or fallen foliage are common areas mosquitos rest. For areas with unavoidable standing water, like birdbaths, Blue Sky technicians can make recommendations for treating and preventing mosquitos.

We have great success reducing mosquito populations, however, there are situations where the mosquito source is outside our control. Because mosquitos have a flying range greater than most yards, there is the opportunity the mosquitoes in your yard originated from somewhere else.

Mosquito Prevention in Phoenix

Maintaining your property is one of the best ways to prevent mosquitos. Clearing dead foliage, cardboard, pool toys, garbage, and other debris will reduce areas mosquitos can find safe haven.

Eliminating standing water is another crucial step in preventing mosquitos. Similarly, keeping pools properly treated will make them an inhospitable breeding ground for mosquitos.

Mosquitos enter homes and businesses through open windows and doors. Check all your windows and doors to ensure the screens and weatherstripping is securely in place. Keep windows and doors closed during mosquito season, especially from dusk to sunrise when mosquitos are most active.

*Mosquito control is offered as a stand alone service or can be added to any Blue Sky 365 program.

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