How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

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How to get rid of ants in my home? – Phoenix, Arizona

Question: Our home in Scottsdale, AZ constantly gets these little black ants in our kitchen. How can I get rid of ants and how do I keep them from coming back?

Answer: Thanks for your question. This is a common question. Ants are one of the top nuisance pests in the Phoenix area and around the country. We have quite a few different species in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. These different ant species can require different control approaches based upon the type of ant, age of the colony, area of infestation and other considerations. Here are some steps one can follow that apply to most ant species that can help to prevent them from getting into the home and kitchen.

Before we go into the tips, a few additional facts about ants. Ants are great at creating more ants. They grow their colonies by sending out swarmers to start new colonies and other species bud, which means that a colony will split into other colonies. In Phoenix, Arizona, the natural conditions are great for ants to live, breed and thrive. Specific conditions in and around your home can also make it easier to get inside your home.

Tips to Keep Ants from Getting Into My Home

  1. Sanitation outside your home. The far majority of ant infestations start outside. Inspect the outside for food debris. Food debris can be around a garbage can, barbeque and porch area. Clean these areas.
  2. Sanitation inside your home – Ants are great at finding food and telling the other ants about where they can find the food. Residue on counter tops, crumbs and other food debris under appliances, in corners and in cabinets are all food sources that can attract and support ants for a long time. Cleaning these areas thoroughly will assist in reducing food sources.
  3. Landscaping

    1. Prevent “Bridging” – Bridging is where ants get access to the home by using plants, trees and other vegetation that touches or overhang the home as a “bridge” for the ant highway. Cut back plants and vegetation at least 6 inches from the home. Make sure trees do not overhang the roof line too.
    2. Overwatering – Do not overwater.
    3. Properly care for vegetation that commonly has insects that create honeydew – Honeydew is a sticky liquid full of sugar that is secreted by aphids, scales and other insects that can be on certain plants and trees here in the Phoenix area. Honeydew is an excellent food source for ants and is a possible reason they are heading up a tree in your yard.
  4. Seal obvious cracks and crevices – seal obvious cracks and crevices around the home. These cracks and crevices can be around A/C lines, water spigots and weather stripping around doorways. Be mindful that even effectively sealing cracks and crevices will not eliminate them from getting into your home. Ants are small and there are cracks and crevices you may not be able to detect or see to seal.

In Phoenix, Arizona, controlling ants in the home takes vigilance and constant effort. Best results often require the use of professional products to control various species. If you have ongoing problems with ants in the house, contact us for treatment to stop them.

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