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Crickets in Arizona seem harmless enough – until you have a cricket infestation in your home. Then, in addition to dealing with the creepy-crawly factor, you have to endure the crickets’ constant chirping. Crickets are everywhere in Arizona. House crickets are the type you’re most likely to see (or hear) in and around your home or commercial building in Phoenix, Gilbert, and throughout the Valley including Mesa.

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Cricket Pest Control in Arizona

House crickets are a yellowish-brown or tan color and are typically just shy of 1 inch in size. One of the biggest problems with these pests is the males’ constant chirping to attract females. However, crickets are also a common food source for scorpions and spiders – and whenever you have a food source present on your property, you’re increasing the chance of attracting other pests. In fact, one component of Blue Sky’s treatment approach for the Arizona bark scorpion is to reduce crickets and other pest populations around the home.

Cause of Crickets in Arizona

Crickets are omnivores that usually eat plants, fungi, dead bugs, and – when food is scarce – each other. The landscaping around Phoenix area homes provides ample food and water for crickets. Landscaping and our mild climate also provide ideal nesting sites and breeding conditions. Left uncontrolled cricket populations can increase rapidly.

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Cricket Pest Control & Treatment

The first step in treating a cricket infestation is finding cricket nests – and Blue Sky’s expert service technicians know where to look. Crickets have plenty of places to nest, but they prefer damp, moist areas. Crickets need daytime hiding places to avoid drying out and overheating, especially in the Arizona heat. More often than not, crickets’ hiding places become their nesting sites. Common nesting sites include under the cusp of stucco siding, meter boxes, and block walls that commonly surround Phoenix-area homes.

Once our technicians find a nest, they use a flushing agent to break down the nest. As part of Blue Sky’s premium cricket treatment service, we also use a backpack sprayer to apply a barrier around the home to keep crickets from finding new nesting areas near your home.

Prevention of Crickets in Arizona

It’s not easy to prevent an infestation of Crickets in Arizona, but you can take some simple steps to make your home or building less inviting. Start by removing tempting hiding and nesting spots outside your home, such as rock piles, clutter, compost, wood, or leaf litter, and cutting back landscaping and vegetation 6 inches from the home including bushes and ground covers (crickets love nesting under lantana).

To keep crickets away from your home, you should also make sure to remove any debris or clutter around your home. Crickets often nest under cardboard boxes left in the yard, under tarps, and under pool toys as well as other items left around the yard. Keeping these items picked up or thrown away can greatly reduce the number of cricket nests. You can also seal cracks and crevices to prevent crickets from getting into your home. Caulk around windows and door frames, cracks in walls or foundations, and cover vents with fine-mesh screens.

As a leading Arizona pest control company, Blue Sky is 100 percent committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction. That’s why, for all of our pest control treatments, we have a simple guarantee: “If between your scheduled treatments you feel you need additional service or are not satisfied, please call us and we will return and service your home, free of charge.”

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