Black Widows

Some pests are nuisances. Some are a bit scary. But some are actually dangerous. Black widow spiders are common in Phoenix, Gilbert, Surprise, Mesa, and all of Arizona because the warm climate and urban settings provide an ideal environment for them. That’s why you need black widow pest control!

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Black Widow Pest Control

At Blue Sky Pest Control, we understand our customers are concerned about safety, and our premium service includes several black widow extermination approaches that ensure effective control.


Black widow spiders prefer dark, damp spaces, which they often find inside or around homes and buildings. Indoors, they like to build their ragged, irregular webs in basements, garages, and closets. Outdoors, they prefer garages, sheds, undisturbed corners, and piles of wood, rock, and trash.

Black widows prefer to nest low to the ground, so they commonly live around a home or building’s foundation, in corners and crevices near the floor, around the base of plants, and along perimeter block walls.


A single black widow spider can produce between four and nine egg sacs in a summer, each containing up to 400 spiderlings. Black widow venom is dangerous to healthy adults, causing muscle pain and cramping in the mildest cases, but the spider’s neurotoxin can cause serious illness in young children, seniors and those with existing health issues.

Regular treatments are generally necessary to control black widows. During a regular treatment, Blue Sky Pest Control will thoroughly inspect your house or property for black widows, as well as their webs and egg sacs. Then we will treat the areas where we identified black widows and we will also treat where they are commonly found around your home or building. During the inspection, our Blue Sky service technician will also knock down spider webs, which helps control all types of spiders.


Although there’s no surefire way to prevent a black widow spider from coming onto your property and laying eggs, you can take steps to get rid of inviting habitats around your house or business.

Caulk and seal cracks and crevices outside your home, and make sure the weather stripping around your doors does not have any gaps and is not worn. In commercial environments, put door sweeps on the bottom of exterior doors. You can also remove black widows’ outdoor habitats by getting rid of wood, rock and garbage piles or moving them a safe distance away from your home. Keeping your landscaping well maintained and trimmed back at least 6 inches from your home or building will also help. Getting rid of clutter, boxes, or piles that go undisturbed for long periods of time around your home is another helpful deterrent.

Although Black Widows are very common throughout the Phoenix area, they can be effectively controlled through one of Blue Sky Pest Control’s regular treatment plans. All of our regular treatment plans are fully guaranteed. Effective exclusion techniques combined with a regular treatment plan is the best defense to reduce the likelihood of black widows around your home.

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Black Widows
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