Benefits of Blue Sky IPM Programs

Commitment to an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Partnership

A successful IPM program requires an effective solution that is then properly executed. The best results occur when Blue Sky and the client clearly understand the objectives of the program and effectively work together to implement the program. This partnership allows us to proactively address pest issues using all 4 Levels of Control so that infestations are controlled and conditions that may lead to infestation are addressed quickly.

Blue Sky takes pride in its ability to customize IPM programs to meet a customer’s specific needs. This includes providing clear and understandable findings and recommendations, educational training for employees and ongoing evaluations of the program, which allows us to make necessary adjustments.

Experience with Environmentally Sound Practices

A pest management firm’s experience in providing reduced risk and environmentally friendly comprehensive IPM solutions is crucial. Blue Sky ‘s commercial services team has extensive experience in developing and administering these types of IPM programs to many types of facilities including: office, food processing, medical, industrial, high-rise, multi-family, educational and campus facilities.

Pricing vs. Program

It is common in this industry to have a low bid that seems attractive due to price. These bids often fail to deliver the types of results the client is looking for because the program is insufficient. Ask yourself if the pest management firm has the references, trained personnel and resources to handle the needs of your facility.

Accurate Electronic Record Keeping that can be Utilized Real-Time

Blue Sky uses handheld computer software that allows us to document pest activity levels at various locations of the property while on-site. After completing a service, a report with findings and recommendations can be sent to multiple individuals so that the proper individuals are aware of what is happening at the property and any issues can be addressed immediately. These tools also give you assurance that the facility is receiving the proper service on each visit. Blue Sky’s systems also allow you to access reports for all services 24/7 via an
online customer access module.

Better Technicians, Better Service

At Blue Sky we have created a company culture of integrity and commitment to excellence. In addition, all Blue Sky team members are drug tested and receive extensive background checks. They are also required to maintain a clean cut appearance, which provides security and comfort to our client’s when they have vendors working on-site. Each technician must also receive and pass Blue Sky’s rigorous training, which includes training well beyond what is required by the Arizona Office of Pest Management. In short, we provide the most professional, technical and effective service around.

Objectives and Benefits

Objectives of Blue Sky’s Proposed Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program

  • Present a customized IPM program that effectively addresses the needs of client.
  • Discuss the 5 Steps of Integrated Pest Management and the 4 Levels of Control that Blue Sky’s commercial services team follows.
  • Communicate the scope of service that will be provided.
  • Lower the pesticide footprint around your property.
  • Explain the reports you will receive and how to use the information to achieve the best results.

Benefits of a Blue Sky IPM Program

  • Cohesive – Regular communication through real-time reporting provides a viable way to cohesively work together to achieve best results.
  • Recommended service exceeds the requirements of all regulatory agencies.
  • Regular technician who is drug tested and has received extensive background checks.
  • Designated customer service team to address day-to-day service needs or questions.
  • State of the art technologies and equipment.
  • Detailed reporting that can be made available real-time to the appropriate staff members.
  • Ability to service all pest concerns.
  • Physical exclusions performed as needed (sealing of cracks, holes, etc.)
  • Online access to service reports and account.

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