Our Approach to IPM

4 Levels of Control

The 4 Levels of Control are followed in all Blue Sky IPM programs. Blue Sky provides IPM programs that can be customized to meet the various client needs, restrictions and differences in on-site personnel who can assist with the program’s implementation.

4 Levels of Control

  1. Access denial and exclusion of entry points for pests.
  2. Structural, cultural and procedural modifications to reduce food, water and harborage of pests.
  3. Utilization of non-pesticide technologies such as trapping and monitoring devices where possible.
  4. If required, judicious usage of pesticide product and application methods that offer the lowest potential
    impact to humans and the environment, while providing effective control.

The Blue Sky Approach to Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The 5 Steps of Blue Sky’s IPM Program

Blue Sky follows 5 steps to effectively create, implement and maintain a successful IPM program. We define each of these steps below.

5 Steps of IPM

  1. Inspection and Identification: Our IPM consultants and commercial technicians are trained to thoroughly and properly inspect a property and identify the best control approaches.
  2. Findings and Recommendations – Written: The technicians will document the findings and recommendations in the field.
  3. Client Communication: We will send the report to the appropriate staff. Communicating our findings, the treatment approach taken when appropriate and recommendations allows timely coordination with the appropriate personnel so the 4 Levels of Control in Step 4 can be properly followed and implemented.
  4. Implementation (4 Levels of Control): In coordination with the customer and based upon the type of IPM program the customer requests we will follow the 4 Levels of Control to solve the problem or proactively address conducive conditions.
  5. Documentation and Follow-up: Blue Sky will maintain a conditions report and the responsible party to address individual conditions at the property. These conditions will be documented and available to the customer

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