Heat Treatment

Blue Sky Pest Control offers Heat Treatments for the elimination of bed bugs. Heat treatments allow us to control most bed bug infestations in 1-visit versus the multiple visits necessary for traditional bed bug treatments.

Is Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Phoenix AZ Effective

Yes. Scientists studying bed bugs have found that if adult bed bugs, bed bug nymphs and bed bug eggs are heated to 120 degrees they die. This is helpful since bed bugs nest, hide and breed in tiny cracks and crevices in box springs, mattresses and furniture that can be hard to inspect and treat. If these areas are not treated effectively bed bugs are not eliminated. Our heat treatments allow us to safely heat the infested furniture and rid the home or business of bed bugs.

What is the Process?

An Arizona licensed inspector will come to the home and inspect for bed bugs. A quote is then given based upon the number or rooms and severity of the bed bug infestation. Homeowners prepare the home by following step-by-step instructions provided by the Blue Sky inspector. The preparation is critical to the entire process to make sure we eliminate all bed bugs. On the treatment day, Blue Sky Pest Control will come to the home and set up a heat chamber where the furniture is placed and the chamber is heated to 130 degrees. The service technician will also treat some additional areas of the home where bed bugs often hide. It generally takes 4-6 hours for the chamber to reach 130 degrees with all the contents. We then take the furniture out and take down the chamber.

Most Blue Sky Pest Control bed bug services are fully guaranteed for 30 days.

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