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Are you hosting the neighborhood bug reunion?

9 Tips that Will Help Keep Bugs out of Your Home

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The Valley’s mild climate attracts thousands of homeowners and visitors each year. Unfortunately, the climate and general conditions in the Valley provide excellent conditions for many pests to flourish. This creates some undesirable encounters with common Arizona pests such as crickets, scorpions, black widows and other little critters. This helpful report will give you some practical tips to help you keep common Arizona pests out of your home. The report will also provide some great information on things you can do to reduce nesting sites around your home.

About our expert

Curtis C. Whalen is the technical director at Blue Sky Pest Control. He has 14 years of experience in the industry where he has focused primarily on residential pest control. He was recently highlighted in the leading industry magazine, Pest Management Professional, as one of the “Top 40 under 40” pest management leaders in the United States. Blue Sky Pest Control and its customers are the beneficiaries of his technical prowess in addressing pest control challenges ranging from general infestations to large and complex infestations here in the State of Arizona. His recommendations come with years of experience and insight into keeping common household pests under control.