Green Shield

Green Shield Certified Blue Sky Pest Control offers Green Shield certified services for those seeking maximum pest prevention while also reducing and where possible eliminating the use of pesticides.

Pest Prevention Using Multiple Types of Control – Integrated Pest Management

Green Shield is an independent, non-profit organization that encourages and promotes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, which is an approach that favors prevention measures over pesticide applications. Green Shield certifies services that follow its guidelines when implementing Integrated Pest Management. These guidelines are established by the Green Shield Technical Advisory committee comprised of entomologists and other professionals familiar with effective pest prevention.

Blue Sky Pest Control’s Green Shield Certified Programs Provide Excellent Control While Also Reducing the Pesticide Application at a Home or Business

Blue Sky Pest Control offers service programs that are Green Shield Certified. These certified programs have undergone Green Shield’s strict review to ensure that the programs adhere to the Green Shield standards. These programs provide excellent pest control results while also reducing the pesticide footprint at a home or business. Regardless of the Blue Sky Pest Control service program you choose, you can rest assured that our approach will deliver excellent results while following industry best practices in a responsible and sustainable way.