Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I receive an invoice each time a service is completed?

A. Yes. Each time we come out to provide service, whether it is a regular paid treatment or a free re-service you will receive an invoice that shows the summary of the service provided, the products used and the balance due. Please call us at (480) 635-8492 if you are unable to locate your invoice and we are happy to send you a new copy.

Q. When are finance charges applied?

A. Refer to your invoice for more information about your account payment terms and balance due. If you have questions about the payment terms or your current balance, please call us at (480) 635-8492.

Q. Can I pay for my services in advance?

A. Yes. We are happy to accept advance payments for future services. If you would like to pay for an entire service plan of seven treatments in advance, we will apply a 5% discount to the total.

Q. Do I need to be home for each regular exterior service?

A. No. For your convenience we provide a regular exterior service that targets pests where they nest and breed. We treat around the foundation of your home as well as the entry points to create a barrier

Q. How will I know when Blue Sky is coming out to provide my next regular service?

A. You can refer to the months marked on the top, right side of the Service Agreement you received when you began service with us. Also, we will be calling you the day before each regular service is due for completion to let you know we are coming out and remind you to leave your gate unlocked for the technician. If you have additional questions about your service schedule, please call us at (480) 635-8492.

Q. Why is it important to have my home treated on schedule?

A. The majority of pest infestations begin on the outside so it is essential that your home is treated regularly to protect entry points and break down nesting sites. The service is designed to flush pests out of their hiding places, maintain a strong exterior barrier and control. If you are seeing more than 2-3 live pests inside your home, please call us at (480) 635-8492 so we can be sure we understand the most current situation at your home and are treating it properly.

Q. Is it normal to see an increase in pest activity after each treatment?

A. Yes. The Blue Sky treatment is designed to flush pests out of their hiding places and send them looking for new sources of food and water as the treatment takes effect.

Q. How long does it take for each treatment to take full effect?

A. It can take 10-14 days for each treatment to take full effect. You may notice an increase of pest activity during this time and then you may see those that have come in contact with the product and are no longer alive. Vacuum anything inside up and let us know if you continue to have more than an occasional live pest inside and we will come back out to retreat your home at no additional charge.