Commercial Pest Control Technician

Do you enjoy taking care of commercial clients?  Do you like working for a company that you can stand behind?


Blue Sky Pest Control is expanding through a growing reputation for competency and quality. Over the next 10 years we will be positioned as the dominant supplier of pest management in Arizona. We are one of the largest pest management companies in Arizona, but we still have a lot… a lot of opportunities to grow.  Our commercial clients find value in the information and transparency we provide as we combine the benefits of technology, competent service personnel, process and our commitment to doing the right thing. Our ability to get where we want to go at the pace we want is dependent on our ability to find the right type of people who buy into our vision and have the skills and drive to make things happen.

As A Commercial Pest Control Technician, SUCCESS Looks Like The Following:

  • You communicate effectively

    • You communicate effectively with customers, office staff and service managers. (i.e., treatment application, payment collection, rescheduling). You document all work performed and provide information to service/office manager each day, so others can do their jobs effectively.
    • You effectively work on creating relationships with a variety of customers to build that trust.
    • You proactively address all customer questions and concerns. You are always prepared to address questions regarding our superior service. You will be able to use technology to help you communicate and process the transparency of the work being done.
  • You enjoy working independently

    • You take pride in the work that you give, you do right by the customers, even when no one is watching.
    • You will give peace and mind to your customers by responding to their needs and will make sure all of their challenges are meet on your route. You will be performing pest control treatment at professional commercial clients, in a consistent manner and high quality to make your life easier and for others around you. By following the scope of service you will be able to keep your reschedules in the goal range given to you.
    • You are a high character person that will always want to take care of the customer, by being honest and hardworking. You take responsibility for your own individual results.
    • Blue Sky Pest Control is committed to giving you, a route size that allows you to take the time to do the job right the first time.
  • You are the one that sees the glass half full!

    • You see the good in all things.
    • You run to solve problems as you see them.
    • You are a light to those around you.
    • Your positive attitude is infectious.
  • You are committed to your safety and the safety of those around you.

    • You will follow the safety policies in place and wear your personal protective equipment. You will wear the company uniform that will be provided by the company. You will properly maintain your assigned company truck and equipment and report any problems with your truck or equipment in a timely manner.
    • You can keep a steady pace, during the day to ensure your goals are met. You can lift 50-75lbs, bend, walk, stoop, crouch, stand frequently throughout the day.

✓ You must agree to and pass a pre-employment background and drug test and ongoing random drug test.
✓ You must have a valid driver’s license that is not currently suspended or revoked and no more than 1 traffic violation with in the last year.

Fast Forward Three Years From Now:

You will be on your path to be a senior technician, by mastering the training and demonstrating full knowledge of pests, pest treatment, in safety, and in customer service. You can be on a path to be a trainer in the commercial departmetn.  You will be providing us feedback, while creating your future, here at Blue Sky Pest Control, and making a difference by helping us with our continuous growth.

We Offer

Stability; we have not had a layoff here at Blue Sky Pest Control.  We have grown even during the economic down turn. We have growth opportunities, and often look within to fill a position.

We offer multiple Medical plans for you to choose from, a Dental plan, a Vision plan and a 401K with employer matching.  Seven paid holidays, and offer Paid time off.

Pay is depending on experience.

Now what?

If you’re up to the challenge, you need to have some experience in helping people solve problems. It doesn’t need to be your traditional customer service experience: we have a former landscaper and security guard that are now on our team. Internships, volunteer work, and side projects count. Just make sure we can see where you picked up your helping-people super powers somewhere in your cover letter or resume.

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