Commercial Outside Sales Representative

Are you a successful hunter or do you think you could be a successful hunter that is looking for a unique opportunity? We are not looking for average….we are looking for great. Now, you may for a variety of reasons (that may or may not be accurate) view yourself as average, but deep down you may feel that given the right opportunity and given your drive and work ethic you could really fly….for your benefit and our benefit….keep reading.

Blue Sky Pest Control is expanding through a growing reputation for competency and quality. Over the next 10 years we will be positioned as the dominant supplier of pest management in Arizona. We are one of the largest pest management companies in Arizona, but we still have a lot… a lot of opportunities to grow.  Our commercial clients find value in the information and transparency we provide as we combine the benefits of technology, competent service personnel, process and our commitment to doing the right thing. Our ability to get where we want to go at the pace we want is dependent on our ability to find the right type of people who buy into our vision and have the skills and drive to make things happen.

Outside Sales B2B Professional, Success Factors

You will work in a defined and protected sales area that has significant opportunity. You will take advantage of this opportunity by calling, emailing, dropping-by, asking for referrals, networking and utilizing a provided list of businesses in your area so you can schedule 10-12 meetings per week with prospective clients. In short, you put in the work to be a great hunter.

You will put in the work so you have a strong command of the training you will be given. The areas you will be trained in include: services we provide, technical knowledge needed to understand client needs, a defined sales process that will increase your ability to close work and our specific definition of what success looks like for your role. Your knowledge and command will be evident in the success of your client meetings and in your interaction with other Blue Sky professionals.

You will sell work in your first month and you will build upon that success as you continue to effectively prospect and propose new work so that after 4-6 months you will be able to meet your monthly quota and to meet your own personal goals. You recognize that we expect you to perform. You are ok with this expectation and accountability since this along with great talent is the seed bed of a successful company that is in it for the long haul. In short, you are the type of person who holds yourself accountable and you appreciate a company that holds you accountable to yourself.

Once the sale is made and the client has received its first service the responsibility for servicing the account is transferred to other professionals. This allows you to keep doing what you do best. New sales opportunities for these clients will generally be funneled back through you.

You find value in leveraging technology to help you organize your work so you can work hard, work efficiently and work smart. You are ok with the expectation that the CRM is always kept up to date knowing that this is a key to success, while also knowing how not to get bogged down in valueless documentation or electronic “paper straightening”.

You want to work with professionals and we want to work with professionals who are glass half full people. You recognize that you will be working with a reputable company that expects unquestioned integrity when working with clients and other Blue Sky team members.

As you succeed, we succeed.

Fast Forward Three Years

You will have experienced lots of success. We will have celebrated together your individual success and the success the company has experienced. Your efforts will have directly contributed to Blue Sky’s growth. Jobs will be created and because you price things accurately it allows us to keep and maintain quality service professionals so our clients are serviced properly. You find satisfaction that you are associated with a growing, reputable company that has the operational know-how, financial solidity and sales capabilities to continue to grow and to continue to do a great job for our clients. You will be continually challenged to do your best. You will be comfortable with your knowledge and realize that there is always more to learn in this industry… and always learning is something you enjoy.

We Offer

We have a proven sales process that we will teach you.  We will send you out with a successful sales person who you can shadow. You will have clarity on what is expected of you and you will from a performance perspective. You will have a once a week meeting with your supervisor and have access to your supervisor as you have questions.

We offer multiple medical plans for you to choose from, a Dental plan, a Vision plan and a 401K with employer matching. Seven paid holidays and we offer paid time off that increases over time.

This position has a base salary plus commission compensation structure: total compensation of $45,000 $70,000 is possible for a first-year representative depending on performance.

Now what?

If this is the right fit for you, tell us your experience of being a successful hunter in B2B, or why you think you would be successful in this position in your cover letter along with your resume.