What You Need To Know About Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

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One of the most common reasons people turn to commercially available chemical pest solutions is that they simply are not aware of the alternatives. Below is a quick look at five methods of pest control that are easy and light on the environment.

1. Environmentally Safe Chemicals

Whenever you go to purchase chemicals, take the time to look at safer and organic alternatives and do not shy away due to the cost. These chemicals are not only easier on the environment, but the effects last longer which results in long-term savings.

2. Encourage Natural Predators

If your home’s area is made inviting to animals such as birds and bats, you may suddenly find yourself dealing with fewer insects. Both creatures feed regularly on insects, making them a beneficial neighbor to have. You can also get an outdoor cat to handle rodent issues in a similar manner.

3. Protect Your Garden with Specific Plants

Instead of lacing your garden, which may contain food you intend to eat one day, with dangerous chemicals, consider adding some naturally repellant plants. Aphids, for example, are extremely sensitive to smell, so strong-smelling herbs can ward them off.

4. Physical Barriers

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the most effective. Maintaining physical barriers, like making sure your windows are properly screened, can stop pests from easily invading your home.

5. Heat Treatment

One innovative alternative to the traditional “Roach Bomb” is to seal a room and greatly increase the heat to between 130 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is above the threshold at which most insects can survive, resulting in a pest-free zone without any chemical residue lingering about. This is a naturally great option for Phoenix pest control due to the high temperatures