Protect Your Home From Termites In The Winter

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Top 5 Ways To Protect Your Home From Termites In The Winter

Termites are tiny pests that enjoy eating dead plants, especially wood from fallen trees. Termites cannot tell the difference between a fallen tree and the planks used to create most modern dwellings. As a result, homes are prone to termite infestations throughout the year. Termite infestations may increase during the winter months as the pests move indoors in search of food, warmth and moisture. In any case, termite problems are easy to avoid by using these top five tips on preventing infestations.

1. Eliminate Excess Moisture

Termites congregate in areas that will keep their bodies moist. Termites will quickly dehydrate if they cannot find moisture in their environment. Reducing the humidity in the home will prevent termites from setting up camp at that location.

2. Reduce Exposed Wood

Termites travel along the ground looking for sources of food. Wood siding that is allowed to touch the ground will attract termites. Firewood that is stacked next to the house will lead the termites up the siding as well. Homeowners should stack firewood far from the home and make sure their siding does not touch the ground to prevent a termite infestation.

3. Avoid Mulch

Termites are highly attracted to mulch that is typically used in garden beds. Mulch provides the termites with moisture and shelter, but lacks nutritional value. As a result, termites will hungrily turn toward the wood structures in the home for a meal. A high-quality soil mixed with peat moss may be a better option for garden beds in termite prone areas.

4. Watch For Termites

Homeowners should educate themselves about the appearance of the many different termite species and their preferred living areas. Although most termites destructively eat decayed plant matter, like wood, not all do. Keeping an eye out for destructive termites will enable homeowners to treat their presence before it becomes an issue. Termites will quickly eat through wood structures in the home if allowed to take up residence there for any amount of time.

5. Apply Preventive Spray

If termites are found in the area surrounding the home, a preventive spray may eliminate their presence. The preventive spray must be applied by a pest control professional to effectively eliminate the termite threat for several months before it needs to be reapplied.