Phoenix Termite Control Tips [Video]

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A common question we get is, “How worried should we be about termites here in Phoenix, Arizona?” Termites are very prevalent. We’re actually in a high termite pressure area. Because of that, all new homes and their builders are actually required to receive a termite treatment which protects the home against termites. That treatment only lasts for about five years during that time and actually gradually breaks down eventually leaving the your home unprotected against termites.

The most common termite and that we deal with here in Arizona is the subterranean termite. It lives in the soil and is most commonly seen with mud tubes along the concrete foundation of your home. The challenge is that most of the time these mud tubes are in hidden areas. They can get in through a few small cracks in the foundation or through plumbing intrusions. They’re inside walls and behind cabinets. They’re in many places that are hidden. That’s why it’s extremely important to get your home inspected by a Blue Sky Arizona State certified Termite inspector. We’ll come out to your home we’ll do a complete interior and exterior termite inspection. Then, when we’re done, will sit down with you and we will explain to you the options that you have to protect your home against termites.

This is very important because, if gone unchecked, these termites can do considerable damage. That’s why we offer this free, no obligation termite inspection. Call us at (480) 635-8492 and we’ll schedule your free no obligation termite inspection.

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