Top Five Tips to Keep Pests from Returning

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If you’ve had us visit recently to take care of a pest problem at your home, you’re probably thinking it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your bug-free space. But before you celebrate, remember that prevention is a big part of pest control. Check these five projects off your list to make sure the bugs stay out of your home for good.


Many common pests are attracted to the messes we make. Piles of yard waste, unused cardboard boxes in the basement, and heaps of dirty clothes all provide great hiding places for pests like silverfish, spiders, earwigs, roaches and crickets.

Catch the cleaning bug, and give your home a thorough once-over. Get into the dark corners with scrub brushes or dust cloths, sweep and mop your floors thoroughly, and seal up any leaky pipes. Regularly change and wash your bedding, and check mattresses for signs of bed bugs. Keep in mind that many pests like to hide in dark, damp and sheltered areas, and try to attach the trouble spots. Keep your bathroom clean and dry to avoid providing readily available water source to pests.

Take some time to do maintenance outside of your home, too. Pests like crickets, termites, scorpions and spiders often set up shop in the plants around your home. Make sure that trees, bushes and shrubbery are trimmed away from your house, and try not to overwater them. Insects are attracted to water sources, especially in Arizona’s dry climate. Stack firewood away from the house, and make sure that no wood chips or mulch come in contact with your home’s foundation – it serves as an invitation to termites.

Seal Doors and Windows

The areas around your doors and windows provide an entry point for some of the most pernicious and dangerous household pests, like scorpions. A good rule of thumb is that if you can see daylight around your doors or windows, the weather stripping needs to be replaced.

Repair door and window screens and make sure they don’t have any holes if you like to keep your windows and doors open in nice weather. You’ll never be able to completely prevent pests from entering your home, but you can make it more difficult!

Put Away the Food

Insects, just like the rest of us, need to eat to survive. Keep your kitchen clean, and wash dishes to keep them from piling up in the sinks. Wipe food residue off countertops to avoid attracting ants. If you open a food container, be sure to seal it and put it away to keep it from becoming bug food, and clear snacks and dishes out of bedrooms and living areas as soon as they are finished.

Keep an eye on your pet’s food, too! Regularly clean the areas around their food bowls, and keep their kibble in sealed containers.

Cover or Remove Standing Water

Many insects, such as mosquitoes, use standing water as a breeding ground. Pest control measures against mosquitoes are often ineffective because the standing water where they breed is left on the property.

If you are able to remove standing water from around your home, do so. If you have a pool or water feature, take care to keep it covered and clean to avoid providing a breeding ground for insects. Keep your filters and circulation turned on in your pool or water feature to keep the water flowing and disrupt breeding grounds.

Take a look at the planters and pots around your home and make sure they are not harboring standing water. If you have empty posts, turn them upside down or store them inside to keep them from collecting water. Keep your sprinkler and drip systems maintained to avoid leaks and puddles that could collect water or leak near your home’s foundation. These readily available water sources are enticing to pests, and make it easier for termites to invade your home.

Groom Your Pets

Fleas, ticks and bedbugs are what we like to call hitchhikers. They can catch a ride on your pests and set up shop in your home in no time. If you allow your animals to go outside regularly, or if you go for long walks or hikes with them, be sure to have them groomed often to avoid any unwanted guests.

If you call us to take care of your pest problems, you can be assured that we will sue targeted treatments for common pests like earwigs, cockroaches, scorpions and ants. We also treat the foundation of your home to create a barrier that to keep them out, and target the areas where they nest and breed to prevent further infestation. However, the most effective pest control is a team effort between our company and the homeowner – be sure to take the necessary steps to keep pests out of your home after our visit. Then, you can kick back with a glass of lemonade and enjoy your pest-free home in peace.

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