How Bed Bugs Hide in Phoenix Homes [Video]

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There have been many news stories about the resurgence of bed bugs in the United States. We definitely have them here in Phoenix, Arizona. The number of cases of bed bugs has been exploding over the last twelve to eighteen months. People bring bedbugs into their home unknowingly. They go on a trip and come back and they hitchhike back on their luggage or they have a guest coming to visit and they get brought in accidentally. Or maybe they buy a used piece of furniture or used mattress and sometimes they’re even brought in on clothing. And once they’re in, they’re such good hiders the people don’t even realize that they have them. If an adult mature bed bug is out in the open you can definitely see it because it’s about the size of an appleseed. A lot of times people will start noticing bites on an exposed part of their skin such as the arms and neck and face. A lot of times they’re in lines.

But just because you don’t have bites, doesn’t mean you don’t have bed bugs. Over thirty percent of people don’t react to a bed bug bite. Because of their cryptic and secretive nature, you have to be extremely thorough when you treat for bed bugs and you have to eradicate them completely. They’re by far the most challenging pest to deal with.

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