Blue Sky Turns Green—With Green Shield Certification

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When pests invade, it’s no longer necessary to subject your home, family and the environment to the harsh chemicals and toxic treatments of traditional pest control services, which often involved spraying pesticides and tenting the house. With new green methods, pest control treatments can make your home safer and pest-free, while causing no negative impact on the environment—or your family.

Blue Sky Pest Control, in keeping with this principle, has dedicated itself to developing and perfecting pest control treatments that are both highly effective and environmentally friendly. To show our commitment, we have recently earned Green Shield Certification on our Pure IPM and Pure IPM Plus services.

These services were created as long-term, preventative strategies that focus on eliminating infestations through smarter, less toxic approaches. Pure IPM and Pure IPM Plus treatments involve close inspection of the home’s structures and continuous monitoring, combined with Blue Sky technicians’ comprehensive knowledge of pest biology and habitat. With our green services, we will only use pesticides when reasonable, non-chemical approaches have proved inadequate; when we do resort to pesticides, only a minimal amount of approved products is used.

The Green Shield Certification, awarded by the IPM Institute of America, involved a rigorous evaluation conducted by the nonprofit organization at Blue Sky’s facilities in Gilbert, Arizona.

To obtain Green Shield Certification, Blue Sky showed that it:

  • Has knowledge of common pests and their life cycles and behavior.
  • Continually monitors and inspects pest populations to stay informed about potential problems.
  • Takes action only when necessary. Routine application of pesticides, for example, is not part of the Pure IPM/Pure IPM Plus service.
  • Fully and clearly documents actions taken on a client’s property to justify pesticide use.
  • Uses the least-toxic approaches first when it comes to treatment.
  • Addresses structural and maintenance issues to achieve a preventative, long-term pest control strategy, e.g. sealing up cracks.
  • Abides by posting and notification requirements following pesticide applications.
  • Stays up-to-date on new IPM techniques, treatments, and technology.
  • Does NOT use space sprays (fogging) and spray applications of pesticides that can be harmful.
  • Follows strict guidelines on pesticide use, storage, disposal, and safety.
  • Continually trains and educates staff to keep them informed of best practices.

…and much, much more. For a detailed checklist of just what Blue Sky had to satisfy to achieve its accreditation, read about the Green Shield Certification at the IPM website.

Only Blue Sky technicians who have gone through the mandatory training may participate in our Pure IPM or Pure IPM services, so you know you’re getting a technician who is properly trained, knowledgeable, and efficient.

When receiving our certification, IPM Institute president said, “Blue Sky impressed us not only with their effective IPM techniques, but also with their meticulous recordkeeping and strong commitment to training and educating their staff and the public about Integrated Pest Management.”

With the Green Shield Certification, you can be assured that Blue Sky Pest Control will not only impress you—but keep your home and environment safe and pest-free.

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