How do I get control of the black widows around my home?

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Question: I’m in Phoenix, Arizona and we constantly get black widows. Can pest control effectively get rid of my black widows?

Answer: We have a lot of black widows here in the Valley of the Sun. And they can be a bit scary for folks. The short answer is thorough and properly applied pest control service can be an effective way to control black widows. Best results are achieved by combining a thorough pest control program with other steps to reduce black widow resting areas where possible. We will provide a little bit of information about the biology of the black widow to explain why they can be a constant challenge here in Phoenix and some additional control steps you can take to reduce them around your home.

Ballooning, Why It is Helpful to Black Widows and a Challenge for Control

A black widow egg sac is a white/yellowish color and in the shape of an oval ball. Inside is between 200-600 baby spiders. Once outside the egg sac these spiderlings will release a small bit of silk that acts as a balloon when a draft of wind comes taking the spiderlings to from several feet away to yards away. If there are a lot of black widows in your general area, you may be doing a great job of maintain control, but still get them floating in, literally, from other areas. This is one reason why black widows can be a constant challenge.

Common Areas Where We Find Black Widows and Steps for Control

Black widows are generally found low to the ground in undisturbed places. We find them under patio furniture, close to the ground under the lip of the stucco, in corners, in debris around the home, in vegetation and in a child’s plastic pedal toys. These toys often have open voids that black widows can easily access. Here are some general guidelines to assist with control:

  1. Reduce any clutter or debris around the home.
  2. Put children toys away after use.
  3. Keep garage clean and uncluttered.

Be careful when cleaning-up the yard and debris around the home. Black widows are poisonous and proper precautions should be taken.

Pest Control Program that Focuses on Black Widow Harborage Areas

A pest control program can be a part of an effective control strategy. As part of any pest control program, a thorough inspection should be performed to properly identify black widows and likely black widow resting and nesting areas. As mentioned earlier, best results are obtained when combining a regular treatment program with the control methods mentioned above. A pest control program designed to control black widows should include a thorough inspection following by treatment targeting where the black widows are and known black widow resting areas including the lip of the stucco and corners.

We live in a high pressure black widow area. Common sense awareness to their common habitat and signs of black widows should make us all mindful of their possible presence so we can stay away, control through proper measures and be mindful that control will be a constant battle.

If you have additional questions let us know.