The 4 Levels of Pest Control

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Taking a multitiered approach is the most effective method in pest control. Blue Sky Pest Control utilizes a systematic approach to address the primary sources of pest issues so it can deliver the best pest management solutions.

The use of products to eliminate pests such as scorpions, ants and cockroaches are an important tool that exterminators can use. To obtain best results, other forms of control should be considered and implemented to reduce pest populations around a home, warehouse, school, hospital, food processing facility and other critical areas where pests need to be controlled.

At Blue Sky Pest Control, this fight against bugs is broken down into different methods, known as the Four Levels of Control. These controls act as a guide for technicians to personalize a pest control plan for clients because no two situations are the same.

“Blue Sky Pest Control utilizes a systematic approach to address the primary sources of pest issues so it can deliver the best pest management solutions.”

Let’s break down each level of control and what role they play in fighting the unwanted pests in your home.

1. Access Denial and Exclusion

Cutting off access is the best way to keep bugs out — they can’t bother you if they can’t get inside in the first place. The problem? We often don’t realize how easy is can be for scorpions, cockroaches, crickets and mice to squeeze through tiny holes. With this approach, cracks and entry areas around the home are identified and recommended to be sealed. Weather-stripping around doors and windows are checked for gaps and wear. Fixing or replacing worn or missing weather stripping is an excellent way to eliminate a common entry point for many Arizona pests. . Other common entry points can be identified with proper inspection.

2. Habitat and Harborage Modification

The natural climate of Phoenix, Arizona combined with landscaping and watering needed to maintain trees, bushes and flowers provide an excellent environment for many pests to thrive. With Habitat and Harborage Modification, yard and garden surrounding the house is modified to make it as unwelcoming to pests as possible. Any standing water, leaf litter and unnecessary waste is removed (pests love water and garbage). Excessive weeds and tall grass are cut down, plants that attract certain types of pests are moved further away from the house and any garbage containers are tightly closed and clutter and debris around the home is cleaned-up and moved. Outdoor lighting should also be inspected, as many pests are attracted to the bright bulbs, especially at night.

3. Physical and Mechanical Controls

Traps and other physical methods of controlling pests is necessary and can complement the use ofproducts.Physical control is removing the pest from the area. Using mechanical traps can assist us with physical control. For example, if one is experiencing an active rodent infestation, mechanical controls can be used to reduce the rodent population by catching and removing rodents from the home or property. Another example of a physical control would be inspecting for and removing identifying scorpions found around the home. The use of physical controls can greatly reduce pest populations effectively and quickly.

4. Judicious Use of Materials

Materials are an important tool used by licensed pest management professionals. A proper inspection will guide the pest management professional on placing the right materials in the right places in the right amount. This judicious use of materials used in combination with the other levels of control helps us achieve the best results. Our number one goal as Arizona pest control experts is to get rid of insects and other unwanted guests in and around your home. Blue Sky Pest Control’s scientific approach to pest management using all Four Levels of Control gets results while also reducing the unnecessary use of materials around your home.

No two pest problems are the same, but what stays the same is our scientific approach to pest control. We work with you to devise a plan using one or more of these levels of pest control to accomplish our goal —to control the pests around your home.

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