The Creepiest Bug Photos of All Time

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It’s safe to say our technicians are into bugs. We find insects, spiders, and other creatures with more than 4 legs fascinating and beautiful. They are fun to look at, we just don’t want to find them in our bathtub. Our field technicians have probably seen just about everything and they take a lot of photos. They are highly trained professionals that are not afraid to crawl into dark places where creepy crawling things live. Still, some of the photos we’ve taken make the hair on the back of even our necks stand up.

Warning: this collection of photos is not for the faint of heart! Click on the photos to enlarge, if you dare.


Arizona Bark Scorpions under a black light. Centruroides excilicauda is one of the only potentially lethal scorpions.


Bed bug infestation of mattress and sheets a home in Phoenix.

Immature Black Widow

Immature female western black widow spider.


Oriental cockroaches don’t get quite as big as their American cousins. They are still creepy in large quantities like we found here.


We normally find termite mud tubes on the outside of homes near the foundation. This is an example of an infestation getting out of control where the mud tube came up through carpet.


Take a close look at this wolf spider. Those bumps on her back? Those are dozens and dozens of baby wolf spiders.

Check back often as we add more creepy bug photos to our collection.