Blue Sky Pest Control Featured for its Work in the Phoenix Community

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Blue Sky Pest Control was recently featured in BOMA ByLines‘ Fall 2013 issue for our efforts in helping to select Central Arizona Shelter Services, or CASS, as BOMA Greater Phoenix’s charity of choice for 2013. Check out the article below.

“YPG Gives Back to CASS” – BOMA ByLines, Fall 2013

By Gina Rouban, Interstate Restoration, 2013 BOMA Associate Chair

The BOMA Young Professionals Group was created to bring developing professionals together to learn, network and to give back to the local community. Since the group’s institution in 2009, they have done just that. Two years ago, YPG adopted a street in downtown Phoenix to make a visible impact on the local environment, build community, establish group pride and to reduce litter cleanup costs to save taxpayers money. In addition, each year, they choose one, large-scale volunteer project. Last year, the group went to St. Mary’s Food Bank, where they collectively put together 7,704 meals.

This year’s process of choosing a project was somewhat different. With the idea of adopting a charity to support on an annual basis, spearheaded by Cody Pace from Blue Sky Pest Control, BOMA Greater Phoenix established CASS (Central Arizona Shelter Services) as their charity of choice for 2013. For over 25 years, CASS has been working on ending homelessness in Phoenix. Today, they are the largest provider of shelter and supportive services for homeless individuals in Arizona. They shelter approximately 1,000 individuals on a nightly basis. In 2013, each BOMA luncheon facilitated an item drive for the CASS “Need of the Month.” So far, the BOMA group has collected and donated soy milk, toilet paper, water, flash drives and quarters, just to name a few items. So, when picking the 2013 community event, CASS was the clear choice for YPG chair Gilbert Romero, Transwestern.

On July 11, eight YPG volunteers headed to CASS for four hours to donate their time and manpower. The task given to them for the day was to organize a closet of professional clothes and shoes for the folks who were being helped by CASS and needed attire to go to job interviews or to work. The small space, vented by a single fan, did not stop the group from working as a team on organizing the items quickly and efficiently. They even finished before their time was up! As a reward, the small group of volunteers headed to Trumpet Angel’s Ale House for some refreshments and networking.

YPG is proud to be taking on difficult projects substantial to the community and turning them into fun, relationship-building experiences. The group is a diverse mix of professionals new to the industry and seasoned member mentors. Their events are open to all BOMA members. This dynamic bunch hopes to see you at their next charitable event or mixer!