Arizona Bark Scorpions [Video]

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Scorpions are a major concern for many Phoenix residents. The scorpion that we deal with the majority of the time is the bark scorpion. The bark scorpion is actually poisonous to humans. Although serious complications from a scorpion sting are rare, anybody who’s ever been stung by one definitely doesn’t want to have it happen again.

Scorpions actually live for three to seven years and so if they’re not actively controlled the population will grow and then get out of hand quickly. Many times we’re asked: “What can I do help reduce scorpions in my yard or keep them out of my house?”

  • Replacing worn weather stripping. If you can see daylight through it, it probably needs to be replaced.
  • Scorpions are excellent climbers and you want to keep trees and bushes trimmed away from the house so they’re not touching.
  • Don’t over water plants and keep them off the ground if you can.

Unfortunately,this alone won’t completely control scorpions. This is where an effective scorpion treatment comes into play. At Blue Sky Pest Control, we’ve become well known for our effective summer scorpion treatment. That’s because we take a multi-step approach to our scorpion service.

For example, one thing that we do is we treat the perimeter of the block wall each time because that’s a very common nesting site for scorpions. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about bark scorpions and we can give you a free quote for a scorpion treatment at your house.

Please give us a call at (480) 635-8492. We’d be happy to help!

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