Hiring Process

We are able to stay true to our mission when we hire people based on our core values. Our hiring approach is simple: Hire character, teach competency, and define and celebrate success.

Hire Character

To us, character means someone who will make the right choice regardless of the circumstance or consequence. When we hire new employees, we tell them that if they work hard and want to do right by the customer, they will love it at Blue Sky. We hire people who are interested in serving others in a way that they can feel good about. Because of this, we have become known for the quality of people that we send to our customers’ homes. Each of our technicians passes a background check and drug test as part of our in-depth hiring process. If we had any reservation about sending a staff member to my home or to my grandparents’ homes, we would not hire that person.

Teach Competency

Once we have the right person on board, we want to make sure he or she has the tools and skills to be effective at their respective job. We provide thorough training because we want to “equip” them with the right skills and tools before we “expect” results. At Blue Sky, the responsibility for an individual’s results is on the individual – not on the supervisor. Our supervisors are there to coach and help our people accomplish success, not to cattle prod the herd.

Define and Celebrate Success

At Blue Sky, we clearly define the results that equal success, and we create business processes that help our people accomplish those results. Everyone on our team knows the measures that define success for their respective roles. These measures are regularly communicated to each staff member, which means our team members receive the information they need to do their jobs the right way. We also celebrate success by recognizing and appreciating jobs well done. Although it seems simple, it can be easy to forget to acknowledge success, which can cause people to feel unappreciated and to disengage.

If you are interested in applying for a job at Blue Sky Pest Control, please fill out an application one one of the open positions.