Blue Sky Culture

As Blue Sky continued to grow, we realized that we needed to do a better job of delegating. As we delegated, we wanted to make sure that we operated in the spirit that contributed to our growth. So, we gathered our team to create a mission statement. We wanted our mission to not only capture what we were trying to be but also act as a guidepost to our team members.

Our mission is:

“We take pride in exceeding others’ expectations through a commitment to excellent service provided in a caring way.”

You may notices that our mission statement does not distinguish between Blue Sky team members and Blue Sky customers. That’s because we expect our staff to take great care of our customers, but we also expect them to demonstrate the same respect and concern toward each other. When our team and our customers’ see or feel this level of concern and commitment to excellence, we are accomplishing our mission. When they do not, we know we have some changes to make.